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Water Quality Report

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I am pleased to report that Los Angeles continues to enjoy high quality tap water that once again exceeds the standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for safe, clean drinking water. As concerns over the safety of public water supplies remain high, I am proud that we continue to deliver almost 1 billion gallons daily of clean and delicious drinking water to residents of Los Angeles and the surrounding suburbs. Before it gets to your tap, the Los Angeles County Waterworks District takes a proactive approach to mitigating contaminants, including lead, in our water system. 

Residents who would like to request a free water meter or who are concerned about the quality of their water and would like to have it tested, should call 311. A strong, efficient water system, the protection of the Los Angeles Aqueduct and safe, clean drinking water are all critical for Los Angeles' future. I remain committed to building on this legacy for generations of Angelinos to come.

Mayor Eric Garcetti


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This is the Water Quality Index -- the lower the number, the cleaner our water!  Anything below 100 is very clean!


Contaminant Scores

Water Quality Index

 The Water Quality Index (WQI) is a measure that takes into account a number of factors that impact the quality of your drinking water.  This single number summarizes the impact that a number of "contaminant scores" have on the quality of our water, with lower numbers indicating cleaner water. The table at right shows WQI ranges and what they mean for the cleanliness of our water.


The WQI gives you a high-level summary of water quality, but there's plenty more to learn.  You can find out more in the comprehensive Water Quality Report and Lead Testing Summary. 

0-50:             Very Healthy

51-100:          Healthy

101-150:        Slightly Unhealthy

151:200:        Moderately Unhealthy

201-250:      Unhealthy

Water Quality Index Score Ranges